Power Accessories

SignalSAFE™ IEC Power Cords

SignalSAFE™ design with heavy 14-gauge wire minimizes interference

Economy IEC Power Cords

Good for low amp digital gear not susceptible to ground loops

Essex Accessory Brackets

Mount power and vertical lacing strips in Essex racks

Remote Switches

Control power or initiate up/down sequencing remotely

C2G Computer Power Cords

2-slot or 3-slot AC power cables, polarized or non-polarized, even flat plug connectors for laptops and computers

C2G Extension Power Cords

Computer and universal AC power extension cords up to 15 feet long

C2G Hospital Grade Power Cords

16 and 18 AWG power and extension cords

C2G Monitor Power Cords

Use your computer's main power supply to turn on/off your monitor

C2G Power Cord Splitters

AWG Power cord splitters used for monitors, tv's, computers, displays in various male and female configurations.

C2G Universal Power Cords

AC Power Cords up to 25 feet long for PC, monitor, printer, etc.; even right-angled connectors and cords with an extra outlet

PB Series, Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets increase vertical power strip mounting flexibility

RPS Series, Remote Power Control

Cycles complete 15A systems without direct access to equipment

Panels for Decora® Devices

One space panels hold Decora® devices such as RPS and TEMP-DEC

Copper Bus Bars

Solid, threaded copper for performance, includes hardware