We’ve got the power! That’s right, Middle Atlantic Products recognizes that the foundation of a great system goes beyond a solid rack. They also require reliable, accessible, safe power distribution. Our power solutions are U.S. engineered and designed to specifically meet the needs of commercial & residential rackmount applications.

  • Power distribution
  • Surge & spike protection
  • Metering
  • Sequencing
  • Monitoring & remote control
  • Battery back-up, and more!

IP Power, Control and Management

Vertical Power Distribution

Compact Surge Device

Providing the Industry's most compact surge protection device

DC Power Distribution

Replace messy, space consuming wall warts and power strips with a universal power solution for DC powered devices.

Horizontal Power Distribution

Power Conditioning Systems

UPS Backup Power Systems

Premium and Select Series UPS provides backup for a broad range of project requirements

Essex Power Distribution

Power Accessories