C2G has audio cables for digital, analog and optical applications. Ranging from 3.5mm stereo audio to TOSLINK optical audio to XLR pro audio cables and everything in between, we can distribute sound from a device to a set of speakers.


Stereo audio amplifiers for sound reinforcement systems in classrooms, conference rooms and auditoriums


8Ohm and 70Volt speakers for sound reinforcement systems.

3.5mm Extension Cables

Extend the 3.5mm connection to another audio device

3.5mm Male to Male Cables

Connect the 3.5mm jack to another audio device

3.5mm Plenum Cables

CMP-rated plenum jacket; low profile audio connectors enable easier in-wall installation

3.5mm to RCA Cables

3.5mm to RCA conversion cables

Audio Devices

Analog and digital couplers for connecting like cables and distribution amps for distributing audio.

Pro Audio Cables

XLR, TRS, and RCA pro-audio cables

RCA Cables

RCA composite audio cables including plenium rated cables and CL2, CL3 and CMG rated audio cables

More Audio Cables