Thermal Management

Thermal Management plays a critical role in overall system reliability, so Middle Atlantic offers a wide range of cooling products to meet project needs. We care about our environment, and are pleased to offer a full selection of thermostatic and proportionally controlled cooling options that save energy and unnecessary noise. See our free white paper on Thermal Management for more information and guidance.

All Middle Atlantic Products Accessories are:

  • Purpose-designed for the application
  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • In-stock or quickly custom manufactured in the USA to ship promptly

Duct-Cool Series™, Component, Cabinet and Closet Cooling

Quiet, powerful long-pull blower can pull hot air from up to 25 feet away

UQFP Series, Ultra Quiet Fan Panels

Quiet cooling panels rated 50 CFM at 24 dB or 100 CFM at 27 dB

QBP Series, Quiet Blower Panels

Thermostatic control for quiet operation, only 32 dB at maximum

Half Rack QBP Series, Quiet Blower Panel

PowerCool Series, Power and Cooling

Combines power distribution and cooling in one space package

FTA Series, Fan Tray System

Locates fans directly above hot equipment to help cooling systems

QFP Series, Quiet Fan Panels

Populated panels, including fans, grills, hardware, and cords

FP Series, Fan Panels

Exhaust heated air as part of a thermal management strategy

Filter Panel

Washable filter keeps systems cleaner; 1” thick, with steel panel

Fans, Fan Kits and Accessories

High quality fans and connections for system cooling needs

VBK Series, Vent Blocker Kit

Properly sized magnetic vent blockers prevent cooling “short circuits”

FC Series, Thermostatic Fan Control

Saves energy, wear and tear, and noise - fans run only when needed

Decora® Mount Temperature Display

Three digit display, with overtemp setting and notification

Quiet-Cool Series™, Component, Cabinet and Closet Cooling

Quiet, thermostat controlled products to keep small systems cool

KO Series, Rear Door Components

Adds cooling functions using knockouts in configurable rear doors