Mobile Device Charging
We think, design & build with the AV Application in Mind.

Power breathes life in the AV system. But, power doesn’t just turn everything on—making it function and work together-it enhances the system by bringing reliability, protection and control.  Power can monitor the environment and alert when something is wrong. It extends the life of the system by backing up and protecting against power events that can destroy expensive equipment. It provides intelligence to ensure the system is operating at its optimal level. A great system exists and sustains life because of Power. That is why we have invested in bringing power to our portfolio—not only to build a great system but to power it—to power AV.


Since 1999 we’ve been investing in power for AV and to date, we have shipped 2 million power units since launch—that’s approximately 20 million Middle Atlantic outlets in the market. 


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Custom Installs

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Over Voltage Protection

Under Voltage Protection

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Understanding AV System Challenges
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